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You want to protect your health. And a regular physical exam at Carroll Family Medicine LLC is an excellent way to do just that. Whether your physical is mandated by your work or school, or you just want to take this preventive health measure, don’t hesitate to make your appointment at Carroll Family Medicine’s Hampstead, Maryland, office. Call them or schedule your physical exam online today.

Physical Exam Q & A

What is a physical exam?

A physical exam, often simply called a physical, is essentially a thorough checkup with your doctor. During a physical, your health care provider checks your body for a number of conditions and talks with you about your health and lifestyle habits.

If it’s your first physical, you can also expect to talk with your health care provider about your personal and family health history. That way, they can identify any health concerns that you might have a heightened risk for developing. They then make a point to screen you for those conditions at each physical. 

While your physical will include some hands-on examinations like checking your vitals, looking at your spinal alignment, and checking your reflexes, it’s also an excellent opportunity to dialogue about your health. If you have any questions you’ve been wanting to ask about symptoms you’ve been experiencing or your overall health, don’t hesitate to raise them during your physical at Carroll Family Medicine. 

Are there different types of physicals?

Yes. While many people choose to get an annual physical as a preventive health measure, other people get physicals because they’re required by an employer or educational institution. In these cases, it’s important that the health care provider conducting the physical knows the guidelines of that specific type of physical so they can sign off on the patient’s fitness for that specific type of work, sport, or schooling.

Carroll Family Medicine is experienced in conducting a wide variety of physicals, including:

  • DOT physicals
  • Sports physicals
  • Annual checkups
  • Well-women visits
  • Well-child visits (from ages six and up)

What should I expect during my physical?

Regardless of your age and sex, you should expect your physical to include a thorough check of your body that includes a vitals check and having your heart and lungs listened to via a stethoscope. Your physical also includes a section dedicated to discussing your current health habits, including how much you exercise, whether you smoke or drink, and other health-relevant questions. 

From there, your physical is tailored to you. For adult women, for example, Carroll Family Medicine includes a Pap smear to screen for cervical cancer. Carroll Family Medicine’s goal is to ensure that your physical thoroughly involves checking you for any health conditions for which you might be at risk and helps you on the path to your healthiest life. 

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If you need to schedule a physical, call their dedicated team or book it online.