About Carroll Family Medicine LLC

Carroll Family Medicine LLC

Family Medicine, Aesthetics & Wellness located in Hampstead, MD

From their welcoming office in Hampstead, Maryland, Peter Uggowitzer, MD, and his dedicated staff are committed to providing patients with personalized medical and aesthetics care. The entire Carroll Family Medicine team strives to help every patient feel comfortable, thereby serving as a partner to keep entire families in the best of health. 

By offering same day appointments, evening hours and quick treatment for minor emergencies, Dr. Uggowitzer and his team ensure that their patients receive the treatment they need as quickly and easily as possible. Now, not only is Dr. Uggowitzer catering to health and wellness needs, Carroll Family Medicine has expanded to include aesthetic services! From laser hair removal, and other laser treatments, to injectable fillers, to skincare Dr. Uggowitzer and our aesthetic nurse Heather Speert, RN can work with you to achieve many of your aesthetic goals. 

They do all of this from their unique office, which is centrally located in Hampstead. Carroll Family Medicine was founded with the vision of being part of the community – of blending the feel of an “old-fashioned” Family Doctor’s office with the best of up-to-date medical practices and care. In 2007, the Uggowitzers bought a house originally built in 1927 and remodeled it to reflect this vision. They wanted the office to mirror the comfort and ease of a home-based family physician – where patients feel like family and where often several generations of the same family are cared for. Patients of all ages will find a space tailored to help them feel relaxed and a staff dedicated to serving them. 

For over two decades, Carroll Family Medicine has been providing thorough health care for Hampstead and the surrounding area, including Carroll and Baltimore Counties, as well as nearby Southern Pennsylvania. Their services are far-reaching, designed to help each patient look and feel their best. In addition to family medicine that includes everything from treatment for chronic conditions to personalized wellness programs, Dr. Uggowitzer’s patients also now have access to innovative aesthetic services. He uses the Icon® laser for wrinkle reduction, sun spot removal, and laser hair removal. 

To learn more about the extensive services, top-tier care, and the welcoming environment available at Carroll Family Medicine, call them or request your appointment online today. 

I have never had a bad experience. All staff are very friendly and informative every visit. Would highly recommend!


I think Andrea is great! You can really tell that she truly cares about her patients. Carroll Family Medicine definitely feels like family.


Dr Uggowitzer and the staff of CFM awesome. They have been there for me through a very difficult time and have seen that I get the care I need.


The staff is amazing and Dr Uggowitzer is the best at listening and diagnosing to get me feeling better!..as well as keeping me healthy.


The best Doctor you could ever want. Peter and his staff are kind and considerate to all their patients. Truly a wellness center.